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About Us



Monarquía de Rosas Atelier, founded in 2022 by Ivonne and Carolina, a dynamic mother-daughter duo, is a distinguished fashion brand. Their mission is to craft a legacy marked by creativity, authenticity, and the empowerment of women. Based in Palm Beach, Florida, they unveil designs that seamlessly weave together inspiration drawn from their Colombian heritage, encompassing elements of art, maximalism, and colonial aesthetics to fashion distinctive and enthralling garments and accessories.

“Our aim is to create a significant impact, inspiring women globally to embrace their power and authenticity. We envision a character that fearlessly embodies femininity, strength, and allure.”

The limited-edition pieces are meticulously crafted and intended to be timeless treasures, not bound by seasonal trends but intended to remain in the wearer's closet forever.

Welcome to the monarchy,

Ivonne & Carolina

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